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Welcome to the new relaunched Coaching Couch & Alpha Group Chester blog. Find out what we have been up to.

Welcome to the new relaunched Coaching Couch & Alpha Group Chester blog. We have been redesigning and repurposing our blog to bring you the best content for your life and business. We have been busy with other things too.

Some of you may think The Coaching Couch has been hibernating as the blog was seldom updated. Actually I’ve been quite busy here, I am no couch potato.

I have however taken time out to refocus, refresh and maybe even reinvent what the couch offers. A process that I recommend that everybody and every business does once in a while. Not sure where to start on that? Then get a coach.

I love both personal coaching and business (executive) coaching but it is difficult to make a full-time living out of it due to the natural client churn and limitations in trading time for money. Therefore, I needed to focus on a different strategy to provide a solid foundation for my coaching practice.

This what the coaching couch is now be focusing on in no particular order:

  1. Writing and publishing a range of personal development and business transformation books.
  2. Publication of more online courses (we have been busy developing and trialling these live – they work, more news soon.)
  3. Training and coaching mastermind groups on writing, publishing and marketing courses.
  4. Delivery of peer-to-peer business masterminds which promise to double the value of member businesses in 2-3 years.
  5. Development of team to deliver peer-to-peer masterminds across the UK, Ireland and other English speaking countries across the world (including New Zealand, New Zealand has been on my bucket list for so long so I am planning a working when the world is out of lockdown.)
  6. 1:1 coaching for individuals and businesses (this will be limited) although I intend to license my programmes to other coaches to extend the geographic reach and availability.
  7. Group coaching on a range of coaching programmes both live and online.
  8. News and content will be shared on this blog. To get first the opportunity on everything I am doing including exclusive free content, extracts for my courses and even free courses then subscribe to my newsletter. The newsletter will be content-driven and not a regular sales pitch so sign-up today.

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