Life Coaching

Need help getting from where you are to where you want to go?  Do you need help finding out where you are and where you want to goal the coaching and mentoring from the coaching couch may be just what you need.

Some examples of our coaching can help with are:

  • Assisting you to lean and apply new skills
  • Setting and achieving personal and professional goals
  • Improving your career prospects
  • Planning to change your career
  • Writing better job applications
  • Removing limiting beliefs
  • Empowering you to achieve your potential

Our life Coaching aims to help and empower you, the client set and achieve your personal and professional goals – including excelling their career, changing their career, becoming happy and fulfilled in the home, and achieving their ambitions.   Goal setting and goal achievement are our specialty.  We can help you define, plan  and achieve your personal goals and help you to overcome any obstacles come up along the way.

We also provide NLP Coaching.   NLP adds another dimension to coaching.  NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) is a toolkit of tools and techniques to overcoming mental barriers and obstacles that may prevent you from having the life you want.  These problems may manifest themselves as fears, phobias, limiting beliefs and more. Using NLP within the coaching process can help free you from these restraints and help you achieve the life and results you desire.

Also see our coaching programmes and our online course “The Instant Confidence Programme”which may also be of interest to your personal development.

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