About Simon Abbott, Life & Business Coach

Welcome to the Coaching Couch.  

My name is Simon Abbott Life Coach, Business Mentor, Trainer, Author and founder of The Coaching Couch.  I founded the Coaching Couch out of a passion to empower individuals and businesses to realise their potential. I have created a number of coaching and mentoring programmes that can tailored to create positive change in your business or personal life.

I have a passion for helping small business to grow and transform through business and marketing coaching.

What I Do:

I work with small but ambitious business owners to help them get clear on their business goals, then coach and mentor them on how to achieve them.  I can offer services face-to-face across Chester and North Wales and anywhere via video calls.

How I Do It:

I use proven frameworks and systems that can be customised to any business to help them do more and achieve more focusing across the 3 pillars needed in every business:

Pillar 1: Consistently getting and keeping customers to ensure growth and sustainability.
As a certified and licensed Entrepreneurs Circle coach I can work with on your sales and marketing to increase your business your income, work only with the customers that you love to work with and differentiate yourself from your competitors, so you do not need to compete price.  More income, more sustainability, less sleepless nights.
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Pillar 2: Improvement and transformation of businesses and services to ensure that profitability.
With 30 years’ experience in improving performance and services in diverse businesses I can work with you improving the delivery and efficiency of your services to increase profits, improve customer satisfaction and increase customer retention.  Reduce overheads, reduce costs of sale, and increase profit margins. I help you to keep more customers and keep more profit.

Pillar 3: Innovation, strategies, and product/service development.
Need to innovate and create but need help?  No problem.  I have 30+ years of experience in software design and development, 20+ years’ experience of packaging knowledge as courses, workshops, coaching programmes, and latterly authoring books.  I can help you unlock the hidden opportunities in your business, create new products and service, package and sell your knowledge and expertise and help you to both create new business models and repackage existing offerings for new markets.   Stop competing as a “me too” and disrupt the market by being a “unique you”.

Who I Work With:

My services are suitable for any small business. My background makes me particularly effective in working with B2B service providers, software/SaaS (Software as a Service) providers, trainers, coaches, and any other business looking to innovate, package services and develop products and information products.

What People Are Saying:

We have lots of great feedback here are just a few quotes from my happy clients:

“For anyone contemplating the need for any kind of empowerment or seeking guidance with mentoring for some or many of life’s obstacles and challenges, then look no further than the ‘Coaching Couch’. There is nothing the Couch cannot help you or your business with!”

“Simon is a very professional person and always provides the best service catered to your needs. I fully endorse him and his services.”

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