NLP & Hypnosis

Ever wondered what the benefits of NLP & Hypnosis are?

Did you know that our conscious mind uses around 10% of our brain and 90% is unconscious.  Guess what! Our unconscious mind  “runs our ship” that’s why if we want to regain control of minds, our thoughts and our behaviours and remove mental barriers that hold us back, then we need to work with the unconscious mind!

As a certified practitioner of NLP, NLP coaching Time Line Therapy®  and Hypnotherapy I can help you to break free from your mental barriers and help you to live the life you want.  These disciplines when used alone can be life changing and when used together to complement each other can produce amazing results.  So what are they?


NLP is an amazing toolkit of techniques to allow you help you to control your unconscious mind, your emotions and your mental state.  How powerful and empowering is that?  Do you need it?  Well ask you a simple question, have you ever needed to do something and told yourself you are not in the mood?  If so then are your controlling your mood or is your mood controlling you?  Wouldn’t you love to control your mood?  Wouldn’t you be happier and more productive of you can manage it effectively?   This is what NLP allows us to do!

Not only can NLP allows us to manage our minds (did you know we have three?) it also allows us to beat procrastination, move into positive and productive states of mind, remove phobias, eliminate limiting beliefs, and sort out addictive behaviours.

Powerful stuff eh?  You better believe it.

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

You think you know what this is but you are probably wrong.  I don’t put you to sleep and I don’t get you running around my office pretending to be a chicken.  But hey if you want to run around my office or have a kip on the couching couch then that’s up to you but you can do it under your own steam, not under hypnosis.

Hypnosis is simply putting into you relaxed state where you conscious mind is less active and it is therefore easier to talk to and influence the unconscious mind.  You are awake and aware throughout the process and most people find it a relaxing and re-energising experience.

Time Line Therapy®

This is a fantastic process which is simple but highly effective of getting rid of all that emotional baggage we carry around. The goal of Time Line Therapy® is to subtly and unconsciously change behaviour patterns so that they can react to present experiences based on our present conditions and not react to situations that present themselves today based on emotions linked to past events.   Simply put it is like taking you on a trip to your past and removing all the negative emotions (and just the negative emotions – we want to leave the good stuff there) that are attached to the events in your life.

How empowering would that be for you?

What about releasing you from any limiting beliefs you had in your past and future pacing them so you can more positively face future challenges with confidence?

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