Improve Your Business Book Launch

The new book "Improve Your Business In A Day" by Simon Abbott tells you how to just that! A step by step blueprint on improving your business,
Improve Your Business In A Day Book

Wow it’s happened!   The business improvement book launch of 2020 (well for me anyway.)

“Improve Your Business in a Day” was launched on Kindle 19 September 2020. 

My PR agency has been working on my behalf and the book was reviewed in the Yorkshire Times and Lancashire Times last Saturday.   You can read the review here:

For those of you don’t know this is my first book in the series of “Small Books, Big Results”.   No fluff, no bull, just quick to read books and quick to implement initiatives to get results in your business or personal life.

This first book is all about business improvement and really does what it says on the cover – it teaches you how to improve your business in a day.  It contains eight steps which can easily be done in an hour or less meaning that you really can improve your business in less than a day.

What does business improvement mean to you?  Less waste? More quality? Improved customer satisfaction?   We all want a better and more profitable business, right?  

With the book comes a stack of resources including videos and templates to fast-track the implementation of the methods the books provides

Your new improved business is just a day away!

Your can purchase on Amazon platforms including and today.

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