At the Coaching Couch & Alpha Group Chester we know businesses and business owners are having a tough and uncertain time.  To help business owners through this time and beyond we have put together a free comprehensive support package to help you stay strong and build a better and more robust business.

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I don’t want to say the “C” word but there is a crisis going on and its effect is going way beyond just health issues it is fastly becoming an economic issue and a cause of worry for businesses.

At the Coaching Couch & Alpha Group Chester, we can’t find a cure for the virus but we can do our bit to help your business thrive and survive.

Free Business Support Package

We have developed a free support package for businesses and invested £2k in tools to deliver webinars, take bookings online for free coaching and meeting software to provide group coaching and virtual networking with our water cooler sessions.

Free 1:1 Business Coaching Sessions

From this week we are launching a support package for business starting with 10 free 45-minute coaching sessions a week for businesses. The sessions will be run online via a platform called Zoom. We have set up an online booking system which once you have booked will block out my calendar and send you a unique link to the meeting room.

Free Twice Weekly Webinars

Next week starting April 6 we are launching a series of webinars the first “Remote Control” is aimed at helping you manage to your staff remotely. I am going to share which online collaboration tools can help you and the three questions that will make your staff feel supported and be productive whilst working remotely.

Other webinars in the series will help you to focus on getting your business in order and help you review and refine your business models to be leaner and more efficient during and after the crisis.

Stop by Our Virtual Water Cooler

Social isolation doesn’t have to mean you have to be isolated. Why not meet us at our virtual water cooler. You can register your spot and turn up for a social 30-minute meet-up. We only have space for 100 people so register early to avoid disappointment.

And finally…

Our Coaching Couch & Alpha Group Chester Business Support Group.

Join our new Facebook group and post questions and suggestions for new webinars. Mix with other business owners. I may even add some more freebies.

Visit our free support page for our full webinar programme and all the registration links for appointments, webinars, watercooler meetings and details of the new Facebook group.

To access our support, register for webinars and sign-up for online water cooler sessions click here>

See you soon.


Life & Business Coaching

Life coaching and business coaching will help assess your current position, your desired position and will help you to plan a course of action to get there.  We have a range of coaching programmes available and which can be tailored to your needs.

Live Training & Online Courses

We have a range of training courses and workshops to help develop you and your business. Course are run as open workshops and can be delivered to groups and organisations. We also have several online courses available.

Peer-to-Peer Executive Boards

The Coaching Couch runs regional Alpha Groups in the Chester area.  Our peer-to-peer mastermind boards  promise to double the value of its SME member companies in 2-3 years. If you are an MD or CEO serious about the growth and stability of your business this is for you.